About Us

About Us.

At the intersection of faith & real life.

It all started when…

Paradise Church was established in 1863 and has traditionally been a church in the Reformed tradition. As such, we are a creedal church.

We believe and recite weekly the Apostles Creed.

Our Mission


Paradise United Church of Christ seeks to provide a window through which the warmth and wisdom of Jesus can be clearly seen by everyone. We seek to embody the love of Jesus Christ through worship, spiritual growth, Christian education and service to God and his community.

Church History:

At the intersection of faith & real life.

Originally founded in 1863 as the German Reformation Church of Louisville, we are a congregation of growth and change. Our first records show that 14 people were served communion at a service in November of that year. In 1869 we changed our name to the “Reformed Church” and welcomed all who desired to worship. Rooted in the principles of the reformation and its challenge to rethink, remold, and reform our spiritual lives, we changed our name two more times between 1924 and 1957 when we officially became Paradise United Church of Christ.

We have been and still are a congregation committed to the scriptures, dedicated to service, open to the word of God, obedient to the Holy Spirit, and ever striving to be faithful in the imitation of the life of Jesus Christ.