Weddings At Paradise Church

Love is patient and kind!

Welcome. We are honored that you are considering Paradise for your special day. Our goal is to help make the ceremony easy and worry free. A wedding service at Paradise Church combines dignity, reverence and joy, but also by the spirit found only in the worship of God. A wedding is a beautiful thing. We come together to offer special thanks and praise to God, and ask God’s blessing upon your life together as husband and wife. At Paradise, we believe the Covenant of Marriage is one in which the bride and groom make promises to each other and to God. We believe that strong families are the foundation of community. For these reasons, we would be delighted if you choose Paradise for such a singular event as your wedding.


If you would like to plan a wedding at Paradise Church, the important first step is to reserve the date on both the pastor’s and the church’s calendar. (Please call the office first for open dates 330-875-2677). This is done by returning a copy of the Wedding Policy Agreement and a $150.00 deposit to save the date

The Sanctuary

The Rose Window sets a beautiful background and can be open or closed at the request of the couple. Any other permanent furnishings, (including the cross and altar) and holiday decorations will remain in place during the ceremony.

The Chapel

A similar feel as the Sanctuary with a smaller mosaic window off to the right. A smaller location for a more intimate feel perfect for smaller gatherings.

The Fellowship Hall

Host your reception in our beautiful Fellowship Hall!

The Gazebo and Peace Garden

Our outdoor Gazebo and Peace Garden are perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

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